Saline County Civil Air Patrol

MO-117 — Missouri Wing

Newly minted NCOs


Major Marsha Williams (left) and Chaplain David Van Horn (right) pin new rank insignia on Cadet Staff Sergeant J.R. Wandell.

The Saline County Composite Squadron (Civil Air Patrol) recently welcomed cadets J.R. Wandell and Nickolas Medrano into its NCO corps.

Wandell and Medrano both earned the Wright Brothers Award, which is awarded for successfully completing the Phase I of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. It marks the transition of a cadet to the non-commissioned officer status in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program, and accompanies promotion to the grade of Cadet Staff Sergeant. With their promotions, Wandell and Medrano will join the squadron’s First Sergeant Colton Kiser in carrying out the duties of the NCO corps.

NCOs must show by example that they are truly committed to integrity, service, excellence, and respect. They are charged with demonstrating superb military bearing, respect for authority, and the highest standards of dress and appearance. The NCO is a first-line supervisor, someone who ensures the junior members of a team accomplish the mission. To do that, they generously share their experience and knowledge. Although NCOs are leaders by virtue of their seniority, they still have bosses of their own. NCOs backup their leaders by enthusiastically supporting, explaining, and promoting their leaders’ decisions.


Major Marsha Williams (left) and Chaplain David Van Horn (right) pin new rank insignia on Cadet Staff Sergeant Nickolas Medrano.


Leadership training is just one of the many activities undertaken by the Civil Air Patrol. Young people are also given instruction in STEM and Aerospace. Adult members are given opportunities for professional development in a wide array of specialty tracks. All members are trained to assist their communities in the event of emergencies. For more information about the Saline County Composite Squadron, visit or attend one of their meetings. The group meets from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Saturdays at the Marshall Municipal Airport.

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